August 4, 2010 Visions of Eagles Happenings

Visions of Eagles has been providing care giving to the Nazareth area for over a year and a half.  To date we have given in excess of $35,000 to assist families and individuals cross the bridge from despair to hope.  This could not have been accomplished without the support of individuals, churches and other organizations residing in the Nazareth area.  We thank you all for your support.

Many times we have a tendency to focus on the dollars donated and overlook the personal sacrifices and time individuals have committed to making all of this possible.  With this said, I believe it’s appropriate that we thank all the members of the Visions of Eagles committee for their dedication.  It is their passion that has enabled the organization to not only sustain but also continue to grow.  Thank you:  Joy Benfield Betz, Diane Silfies, Tom Gradwohl, Nicholas Viglione, Carol Fehnel Seaton, Bruce Stimmel, Jane Hahn Mengel and Darrell Mengel, Linda Morris Werner, Sally Fehnel Jablonski and Bud Donnelly.

Submitted by Tom Fehnel, President, Visions of Eagles Foundation