December 16, 2009 The Key article

Visions of Eagles, the local Nazareth area benevolent foundation, is now in the process of their “Visions of Joy” special Christmas activity.  The children of at least 20 families will be identified from lists provided by local churches, the Nazareth Area Food Bank, and VOE.  This is the second year for the project with a starting number of 8 families last year.

Visions of Eagles started in October of last year as the result of a class of ’62 class reunion in 2007.  One of the class members, a partner in  successful business venture in Florida, provided start-up funds to establish VOE as a non-profit foundation to help the needy in the Nazareth area.  After consulting with lawyers, accountants, and federal and state bureaucracies, VOE was ready to go with a three member board and a twelve member operating committee.

Visions of Eagles primarily helps needy families or individuals.  They also donate to the Nazareth Area Food Bank,  Nazareth Area Chamber of Commerce and Lehigh Valley Autism Society (for use in the Nazareth area).  They have supplied heating fuel, paid delinquent housing and utility bills, provided automobile repairs and inspections, repaired major appliances, helped with medical bills and treatment, and adopted the fifth floor at Gracedale for visitations and gifts to the residents.