March 24, 2010 The Key article

Our Visions of Eagles “elves” were busy providing fifty-four children in the Nazareth area with a Christmas during our second annual “Visions of Joy” project.

Our care receiver project for January was provided to a Tatamy resident.  Thanks to the combined generosity of Visions of Eagles, John Kugel and Bob Sames of the Carpenter’s Community Church of Lower Nazareth, and Mrs. Barbara Roth, this resident was given the freedom to move within her home and neighborhood.

Barbara donated a power scooter which she could no longer use.  John and Bob donated their time and talents to design and build a ramp from the house to the driveway.  Visions of Eagles paid for new batteries for the scooter and ramp materials.

The result is, the Tatamy resident (who suffers from a Multiple Sclerosis type of disability), is now able to move within her home without crawling and is looking forward to visiting the neighborhood.

Jane and Darrell Mengel, Visions of Eagles Committee members, identified the care receiver as a result of discussion at Hope Lutheran Church.  If you become aware of someone in need in the Nazareth area, please contact Visions of Eagles at 484-264-7505.

You can share in the blessing of helping others by contributing to Visions of Eagles at P.O. Box 231, Nazareth, PA 18064.  The Visions of Eagles membership committee consists of twelve common individuals with a common passion to assist those in need as they cross over the bridge from despair to hope.  Watch for future articles.  We will keep you updated as we continue to assist those in need in the Nazareth area.