VOE Angels of White

Handcrafted white angels are our latest fundraising event!  These beautifully decorated white angels have been made by our VOE committee and auxiliary members.  There are only a few left and they can be purchased for $10.

Our goal for our Angels of White is to have one displayed on every home in the Nazareth Area.  Your purchase of these angels will help us continue our ministry in the Nazareth Area School District and you can proudly display them and show your support for your neighbors in need.  Below is a poem that you will receive with your Angel of White:

The Visions of Eagles and our Angels of White,

Are both there to help you, for each can take flight.

Our Eagle can spot the persons in need,

And our Angel can help deliver good deeds.

Buy one for family, neighbors and friends,

So the Vision of Eagles can help needs end.